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Guild Policies

A common term you'll see scattered throughout the site is "Nanners." This term is short for "Banana" and is the term we use to describe our DKP, or "Donkey Kong Points." "Nanners" and "DKP" are interchangable terms in the guild.

Class Channels

We operate class-specific channels which aer defined on the forum at: http://www.poopinashoe.com/viewthread.php?threadid=4985


Initiate: This is the "hazing" rank, and the rank is intentially designed to be difficult. During this phase, your loyalty to the guild will be thoroughly tested. As an initiate, you'll earn no DKP for MC and you're allowed one epic from MC, BWL or AQ40 runs. Additionally, initiates may ONLY bid the minimum value on an item. After that, epics will be sharded for Nexus CrystalRefresh This Items before they are handed to you. It will be frustrating to see a perfectly awesome epic get sharded before your eyes, but rest assured, it'll drop again. The purpose of this policy is to make sure the new members are here not for fast loot, but for the glory of the guild.

Member: Once promoted to member, you start earning DKP in Molten Core and Onyxia, and you'll also gain the ability to spend that DKP freely. In addition, you become eligible for getting items from the Guild Bank.

Veteran: Veterans are members who've proven their worth to the guild in many ways. They participate in guild policy discussions, show a strong dedication to the guild.

Asskicker Elite: Asskicker Elites (AEs) are the core of PiaS. They've shown an undying dedication to the guild and it's progress. AEs are in a position of leadership and decision making. In reaching that rank, you become a part of the lasting core of PiaS, the inner-circle of the guild. AEs help with the recruitment process.

Officer, Founder, and Guild Master: These are the official decision makers and leaders of the guild.

Promotion Process

Initiates get promoted to member by a vote of the Veterans and above. 75% approval required for this promotion.
Members get promoted to Veteran by a vote of the Asskickers and above. 75% approval required for this promotion.
Veterans get promoted to Asskickers by a vote of the officers. 100% approval required for this promotion.
AEs get promoted to Officer by a vote of the officers. 100% approval required. This process is EXTREMELY rare and a very long debate usually goes with it.


For all PiaS raids, unless otherwise specified, invites start at 5:30pm and the raids start at 6pm Central Time.
Typical Raid Schedule is as follows:
Tues: Molten Core
Thurs: AQ40 or BWL
Fri, Sat, and Monday: BWL

On non-regularly scheduled says, we fit ZG, AQ20, and Onyxia into the schedule on the other days, and we may occasionally predece or succeed a scheduled raid with Onyxia.

The Raid schedule is not static, it's a living breathing thing. We may, if time permits, add an additional boss, an additional instance, or straight-up change the location of the raid based on the turnout and makeup of the raid. Our focus is on progression, and if we have the people, we're going to attempt to accomplish as much as we possibly can.

You are expected to provide your own potions, elixirs, and oils for the raids. If you come to Ragnaros and Vael with no Fire potions, you're gimping yourself, and therefor the raid. For important roles, the guild will attempt to provide flasks (within reason), using guild funds (funded by selling BoE Blues from Onyxia and MC and by ninjaing the Onyxia Gold now and then). Unless you have a ton of Fire Resistance, you are expected to bring some Fire Potions to the heavy damage fights. On the other hand if your sporting a whopping 50 Fire resistance, you are a mana sponge, and are wasting heals that would better go to the tanks.

Points earned

BWL Bosses are worth 1 a piece at this point, possibly to be modified in the future. Nefarian and Vael are 2 points. Onyxia is 2 points.

The following point schedule will be applied to MC:
Luci: 0.2
Mag: 0.3
Gehennas: 0.3
Garr: 0.5
geddon: 0.5
Shazz: 0.4
Sulfuron: 0.3
Golemagg: 0.6
Domo: 0.6
Ragnaros: 1.5

Speed Bonus: There will be a 2 point "speed bonus" applied to each raid that hits a new milestone speed. We're starting at 5 hours. When we complete MC in under 5 hours, everyone present will receive 2 bonus nanners. Then the next milestone is 4 and a half hours. When that milestone is reached, it'll be another 2 nanners for everyone present. This will continue until pushing MC faster will be on the verge of impossible.

"Learning" Encounters

These are boss encounters we currently have not mastered. We will give 0.5 for every good boss attempt we haven't beaten twice, regardless of whether or not we succeed in killing that boss. Being present at Learning encounters are more important than being present for MC (which is on effective Farm status), and the officers certainly take note of those who regularly skip the learning encounters, yet just show up for the "easy loots" in MC.

First-time kills are typically worth 5 points, but important milestone first-kills can and will be worth more occasionally.

Expected Raiding and the Inactive Status

To get items, we expect our members to raid with us. To prevent people who don't really seem to want to raid (or even log on) from getting loot over active members, we've implemented an "Inactive Status." This will prevent members who raid regularly, but may have very low DKP from getting items taken from them by players who haven't been online for 3 months, show up then magically appear for 1 raid, snag an item, and dissappear for another 3 months.

Here are the tenets of the new policy:

If you fail to attend a single raid for 21 days, you will officially become marked inactive (exceptions can be made by notifying the officers of your circumstances). This also applies to members raiding with us for the first time (players who were promoted sub-60, but have never raided because they've been leveling).

As an inactive you will have loot preference over initiates, but not over members. You will continue to earn DKP.

Once you are made inactive, there will be a period necessary to be reactivated. There are two ways to become reactivated: The fast way, and the slow way.

The Fast way will be the preferred method for people who are historically hard-core raiders, but decided to take a "Break".

To be reactivated quickly: you have to attend at LEAST 3 dkp raids within a 9 day period before you can receive loot, and you may not receive loot over an active member until AFTER that 9 day reactivation period. More descriptively, 2 requirements:

1) Must attend 3 raids (DKP Raids) within a 9-day span.
2) The reactivation period must have been going for at LEAST 9 days prior. Meaning if you don't meet 9-day reactivation period requirements, but attend within 9 days of their last raid, the activation period is technically still going. (This just means that you can effectively attend every 9 days and be perpetually "reactivating").

The slow method (or "casual clause" as I was calling it) is for people who don't really have a lot of time to raid, nor have they ever. As an alternative to the fast reactivation, a member may be present for at least 1 dkp raid per week for 3 straight weeks...on the 3rd week, they will be eligible for loot over other active members.

Some examples of the Fast method in action, so it's clear:

Example 1:
Attend a Raid January 1st (cannot get loot, 1st attendance)
Attend a Raid January 2nd (cannot get loot, 2nd attendance)
Attend a Raid January 8th (cannot get loot, 3rd attendance)
Attend a Raid January 9th (cannot get loot, it's the 9th day, but we must wait until AFTER the 9 days).
Attend a Raid January 10th (they attended 4 raid during the 9 days, they are eligible for loot)

Example 2:
Attend a Raid January 1st (cannot get loot, 1st attendance)
Attend a Raid January 8th (cannot get loot, 2nd attendance)
Attend a Raid January 10th (cannot get loot, But being after the start of the 9-day period, the new "activation start date" is Jan 8th, so this would be the 2nd attendance)
Attend a Raid January 12th (cannot get loot, 3rd attendance)
Attend a Raid January 13th (can get loot, as they meet the 9-day 3-raid activation period, and their activation period has been going for longer than 9 days)

Notice that this is not to attempt to "screw" people who are inactive out of loot, but to ensure that those epics stay on the active raiding members. Requiring at least 1 raid every 3 weeks to get loot over active members is not unreasonable. You may still come in and get loot defaulted to you, like a warlock who's inactive and every lock has their full tier 1 stuff, pretty much.


Everyone has a bad day occasionally, and we understand that. However, occasionally, someone who may have been previously promoted to member may straight-up stop trying, or has proven to be a completely incompetent player, or may have developed a terrible, and negative attitude. For these people, the officers may impose probation on those troublesome members. Being on probation makes you ineligible for loot, and it lasts a minimum of one week. If you are put on probation, that's the officer's way of saying "step up your game and fix your attitude, or you'lll be without a guild soon."

40-man Loot Policy

This applies to BWL, MC, and AQ40

Our DKP system is a Point-Per-Run Silent Auction item cost DKP System.

Upon a boss kill or trash mob epic drop, the looting officer will make a call to start bidding.

[Raid] [Fries]: Staff of DominanceRefresh This Item starting 15

At this point, if you are interested in said item, you may send a tell to Fries (and only Fries) expressing your interest in said item, and a price above the current bid, which will be relayed to the raid after every successful increase. After the typical "going once, going twice, sold" process, the item will be handed to the high bidder.

Naturally there has to be a limit to what people can spend on items, that limit is defined as the negative double your of your "Average Weekly Earned" value at that time. The average weekly earned is displayed openly on the Current Standings page, and is the average number of points earned by raiding per week per player over the last 5 weeks.

Example: If your average weekly earned is 15.7, then the most you can bid negative is -31.4. If the minimum value of an item up for bids will take you below your minimum threshhold (or you are already below your minimum threshold), then your maximum allowed bid is the minimum bid for that item.

DKP Loot Preference

For raids where DKP are involved, there is loot-preference based on rank and status. Top priority listed first.

Active Member's Mains
Inactive Member's Mains
Active Member's Alts
Inactive Member's Alts
Initiates Mains
Initiates Alts

Upgrades and Sidegrades

Upgrade Rule
If a Tier 2 Item drops, every eligible player is free to put in a bid on that item. However, if one player already has Tier 1, they are free to put in an "upgrade" bid. What this means is that they can get the item at Tier 1 cost, assuming every other eligible player already has Tier 1/2 or Passes. If they REALLY want the item over someone who still happens to be wearing a shitty blue, then they have the power to put in a full bid, but without the benefits of the cost reduction. And example of an Upgrade is going from Lawbringer BeltRefresh This Item to Judgement BeltRefresh This Item.

Side and downgrades will be treated similarly to Upgrades, except that the item will be received for half-cost if it's a downgrade or sidegrade. An example of a sidegrade is going from: Sash of Whispered SecretsRefresh This Item to Felheart BeltRefresh This Item. And example of a downgrade is going from Nemesis LeggingsRefresh This Item to Felheart PantsRefresh This Item.

Legendary Items

Previously, we used DKP and rank to determine who gets what Legendary items, but after some events lately, it has been determined that this is not the ideal approach. As a result, Legendary items will be handed out by a vote of the officers. The vote will be determined by a number of factors: Rank, dedication, attendance, and history within the guild. Chances are, if you've ever seriously quit the guild in the past, chances are you are completely inelligible for Legendaries.

The completed Legendaries are worth 60 nanners a piece (Hand of Rag and Thunderfury), broken down as follows:

For Sulfuras, Hand of RagnarosRefresh This Item
Eye of SulfurasRefresh This Item: 44
Sulfuron IngotRefresh This Itemx8: 16

For ThunderfuryRefresh This Item
Bindings of the WindseekerRefresh This Item: 25
Bindings of the WindseekerRefresh This Item: 25
Elementium OreRefresh This Itemx10: 10

Note, only the BOP items will be handed to you when the item is ready to be crafted. Until then, the officers will hold onto all Elementium Ore and Sulfuron Ingots.

For members who already have a binding, the next binding is guaranteed to them, provided the original binding was acquired on a PiaS raid.

DKP Penalties

Ninja AFK (5 nanners): If you go AFK without telling the Raid or the raid leaders we will penalize you 5 dkp for it. If we call your name (we'll try both vent and raid/guild chat), you have 3 minutes to respond before you'll get the penalty, and maybe a boot from the raid.

Nubby Pants (10 nanners): If you do something REALLY stupid like prematurely pulling a boss (like running across the doorway to Chromaggus), pulling a mob when we say "run around the mob, it's easy to not agro," Not paying attention and causing a wipe by blowing up the raid on Geddon or Vael, Pulling unnecessary agro on a boss where it's completely avoidable, etc., you'll get a 10 nanner "Nubby Pants" penalty.

ZG Loot Policy

ZG is the only way Initiates can get loot from our guild. We run ZG regularly and items are /random 1000. ZG attendance is strictly first-come-first-serve. Courtesy is expected in loot (passing on Fang of the FacelessRefresh This Item so a rogue can have, for example). Roll "Need" on all Coins and Bijous. Some members send all their coins and bijous to the guild bank. This is, of course, encouraged, and provides a nice way for members to get the coins and bijous they need to get items from the Zandalar.

AQ20 Loot policy

AQ20 loot is done by roll. The Scarabs and Idols are looted by the Leading officer and stored in a bank for retrieval by those members who can use an item immediatly. For the new class books, the officers present will use a merit-type system for determining who gets what, while consulting the applicable classes. Class, Build, Rank, and most importantly, regular attendance will be the determining factors: Frost Mages will get the new Frost bolt first over Fire mages of equal attendance.

The PiaS Pledge

Credits go almost entirely to Former Member Kidkwik for this

I Pledge to always be respectful of my fellow guild mates
I Pledge to show up on time
I Pledge to help my fellow guild mates
I Pledge to be responsible for my own supplies
I Pledge to offer my professional services (i.e. blacksmithing) free of charge to all guild mates
I Pledge to help my fellow classmates be better
I Pledge to offer and accept CONSTRUCTIVE criticism from my fellow classmates and guild mates
I Pledge to be prepared by understanding what is required of me in instances
I Pledge to play 100% and if unable, to offer my spot to someone who can
I Pledge to not go ninja afk and or do anything to delay the guild in advancing

and finally...

I Pledge to always do it for the Lobster