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Welcome to the Poop in a Shoe Gaming Community
At PiaS, we play Starcraft 2, Darkfall Online, League of Legends, Quake Live, Left 4 Dead, Modern Warfare 2, World of Warcraft, and Team Fortress 2. We've been playing together since Quake 1 in 1996, and we're always looking for new people to join the fray.

Together, we've played lots of games. If you're interested in joining us, just post something to our forum.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017
PiaS is Pretty Much Super Famous
12 years after the famous "Kazzak Kill" by our very own Karmerr, PCGamer Magazine featured us for one of their articles about "Crazy DPS Builds".

Read the whole article on PCGamer.com. Or behold the glory right here.

Monday, May 20, 2013
House is Married

Our very own House got married, and we had some PiaS members from San Diego, Baton Rouge, and Boston present at the ceremony in Milwaukee to witness it.

From left to right: Chops (Milwaukee), Ismael (San Diego), House (Milwaukee), Past (Baton Rouge), and Sip (Boston).
Wednesday, March 28, 2012
The Hungry Games
The first PiaS Hungry Games have arrived, and they were played.

And the results are here posted:

The voting results: http://www.poopinashoe.com/viewthread.php?postid=97100

And the stat: http://www.poopinashoe.com/viewthread.php?postid=97104
Monday, February 7, 2011
Choga'll the Ke$ha of Cataclysm is dead to us

Good work everyone, lets repeat this next week!
Wednesday, February 2, 2011
Progression kills... like Ke$ha but with more gaga.

Friday, January 28, 2011
Four New Kills This Week
This week, in BWD, we downed Omnitron, Maloriak, and Atramedes for the first time, and after a couple frustrating weeks wiping on Ascendant Council, we finally got to stick our "Elemental Monstrosities" in that Elemental Monstrosities butthole. Heavy Elemental Rape Action there.

We got some purples. It was cool.

Also, we're recruiting! Apply. Especially of you're a whore.
Thursday, December 30, 2010
Halfus and Magmaw Down
I don't have a screenshot from the Magmaw down, but Halfus we took down on our 2nd or 3rd try.

Overall, it went quite well.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010
First Raid Kill for RoNS
We had our first kill in RoNS: Pit Lord Argaloth in Baradin Hold.

Chops is a noob and stood in the fire on the first attempt. Success on the 2nd attempt.

We put in good efforts on Halfus Wyrmbreaker in BoT, but we were unsuccessful

Total Loots for the night:

From Argaloth:
Vicious Gladiator's Chain GauntletsRefresh This Item -> LOL DE
Vicious Gladiator's Silk TrousersRefresh This Item -> Gavyn

From Trash in Bastion of Twilight:
Chelley's Staff of Dark MendingRefresh This Item -> Selling for 1 billion gold
Phase-Twister LeggingsRefresh This Item -> Shambam

Thursday, December 16, 2010
Grats Chops on a Great MC Run!
Went to Molten Core again to take on the fire lords and this time, we had a great run. Particularly Chops, who was the only one there, and who scored some phatty loot, including all of the following:

Felheart Shoulder PadsRefresh This Item
Earthfury BeltRefresh This Item
Cenarion BracersRefresh This Item
Earthfury BracersRefresh This Item
Boots of ProphecyRefresh This Item
Arcanist GlovesRefresh This Item
Lawbringer SpauldersRefresh This Item
Salamander Scale PantsRefresh This Item
Nightslayer GlovesRefresh This Item
Brutality BladeRefresh This Item
Earthfury LegguardsRefresh This Item
Eskhandar's Right ClawRefresh This Item
Striker's MarkRefresh This Item
Earthfury BootsRefresh This Item
Arcanist CrownRefresh This Item
Cenarion HelmRefresh This Item
Manastorm LeggingsRefresh This Item

And to top it all off...

Scored ourselves half of a binding from Garr!

Bindings of the WindseekerRefresh This Item

It was a rough time, figuring out how to handle the core hound packs with one person and a voidwalker, and accidentally pulling Garr with Two Core Hounds was almost recovered, but ended with an unfortunate wipe. Once that was over, though, Garr proved to be a complete pushover, even with his 8 minions. Finding the right place to stand to prevent taking too much falling damage from Geddon's Living bomb also proved a difficult problem, and Shazzrah was a complete wimp.

Sulfuron proved a bit hard trying to tank the adds away from him with a voidwalker without drawing aggro, but in the end, it was okay, and we ended with a handful of epics and a legendary.

Grats Chops for being such a great guy!
Friday, September 10, 2010
WCG Finals Live
WCG Finals Live are today and are added to the menu under "Resources" on the left.

IF you're lazy, you can just go straight there.
Saturday, December 19, 2009
LOL Animated Snow Background
Enjoy the lame myspace-style animated snow background. It won't last.

Happy Festivus to all, enjoy your feats of Strength.

Also, participate in Ismael's Holiday Birthday countdown!
Tuesday, October 27, 2009
Congrats to Ismael!
Hooray for Ismael/Seraphim who was ranked 59th highest in the League of Legends beta!

See our thread about this topic and the official announcements thread on the LoL forums.

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