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Ashe: The Frost Archer
PASSIVE: Increases crit chance/sec until next attack

Summoner Abilities: Ghost/Teleport or Blink/Teleport (I usually run heal/teleport)


Q = Frost Arrow (slows on hit)
W = Frost Volley (volley, AOE cone slows on hit)
E = Plentiful Bounty (gold on creep kill)
R = Ice Arrow? (infinite range nuke arrow stuns for longer the further it travels)

Ability Build:

W should be your primary as it allows you to harass your lane early on with very little trouble. Off leveling Q will give a slowing effect reflective of your level of Q. E should never be taken. The ability is horrible and should be the very last skill you get. Ashe is already a good farmer and easy hero to last hit with. Obviously take R at 6, 11, and 16.

Item Build:
Recommended First Item: Regrowth pendant (should be sold off later or made in to a philosophers stone if gold and mana are problematic)

Boots (attack speed or mobility work on her)
Black Cleaver
Phage -----> Ice Mallet (You can hold off on building the ice mallet for a while)
Zeal-------->Phantom Dancer (Can also hold off on making this item)
Sheen------> Combine with above items to make:
Trinity Force
Infinity Edge
Spell shield or Phantom Dance depending on your team comp.

Game play strategies:

If you are new at Ashe, do attempt long ranged arrows. This will waste your cool down and put you behind. It is easier to shoot an arrow straight down a lane at someone than diagonally as well. If you manage to properly hit an arrow or are confidant that your arrow will hit, teleporting to a nearby creep is an awesome way to ensure you get the kill.

If you are not confidant at all in your ability to hit an arrow with Ashe, it is best to use the arrow in two situations:

1.Stunning and damaging someone off yourself and blinking back to give you some kiting room.
2.When a teammate is getting ganked by people who depend on melee and stuns and your teammate will not die as a result of this, it is possible to shoot an arrow to assist them and stun the enemy hero off.
3.Basically, if you're new only go for obvious arrows or use the arrow defensively.

Volley can be used over walls and sometimes seems like its easier to keep someone slowed with volley than just frost arrow. It is also important to note that the slowing effect from the Phage and Ice Mallet (and trinity force) will stack with her arrows. That is saying that the most powerful effect will stack with her slowing arrows.

It is very important that you do not get overtly aggressive with Ashe, she has a low HP gain and does not have ANY viable escapes.

Ashe is possibly the best ranged physical damage DPS in the game and can quickly turn the tide in many battles. Keeping your distance Ashe is key, she isn't a beefy hero and will topple over fairly quickly.

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