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8. Corki: The Pilot
PASSIVE: Deals an extra 10% true damage with his autoattack

Summoner Abilities

Corki can do well with any summoner ability as long as you get teleport. His ability to clear creep waves and catch heroes that run away are some of the best reasons to use him. Corki should always be ready to be mobile. You have a nasty habit of using Valkyrie to get in a fight, I suggest taking blink so you can escape. I'll discuss the proper use of Valkyrie later. Ghost can also be a huge help, heal anything but Clarity/Promote or Rally would work really well on Corki.

Q = Phosphorous Bomb (AOE blind + dmg)
w = Valkyrie (flies to target location & leaves trail of fire for dmg)
E = Gatling Gun (deals % of attack infront of Corki)
R = Missile Barrage (shoots Missiles that stack up to 7 Missiles, gain one every 12 seconds)

There is two ways to play Corki. At the moment casters tend to fall off late game to heavy support heroes and stronger carries. I would not recommend building Corki as ability power in higher end play. This is kind of counter intuitive because Corki has 3 spells that relay on him massing ability power. While an ability power build can do well and should almost always be used (no offense, but I doubt any of us will see higher end play any time soon) attack power simply scales better.

Ability Power Build- Q,W,Q,W,Q,R- and so on.
Attack Power Build-Q,W,E,E,E,R,E,Q,E-and so on

If you main E in attack power and start with some armor reduction items Corki will demolish even the beefiest of tanks early game.

Recommended Items (Ability Power)
Starting Item: Mana Sapphire and two healing potions
Catalyst the Protector
Spell caster Boots
Build Catalyst into a Rod of Ages
Mejas Soul Stealer
Zondja's Ring
Trinity Force
Rylai's Scepter

Recommended Items (Attack Power) (this play style requires a higher skill level)
Attack Sword and one healing potion
Black Cleaver
Attack Speed Boots
Last Whisper
Ice Mallet
Infinity Edge
(This is a very low mana pool build, is not recommended if you are not experienced with Corki)

Playstyle (Ability Power)

Corki can be a very heavy burst caster. Early on he almost completely dependent on his Phosphorus bomb for kills and harassment. Once you get his ultimate at level 6, its almost compulsory to wanna use his first missile I would suggest doing so. When you first hit 6 it is a GOOD idea to fire you first 3 missiles. The fourth missile will always be a large one. This way, you'll have an easier to hit skill rocket with lots of burst that can be paired well with a Phosphorus bomb. It will take 36 seconds before you are able to use his ultimate. I would recommend waiting a whole minute before using Corki's ult after firing his first 3 initial bombs. This concept of holding the first shot as a large bomb has worked well for me because it pairs well with Phosphorus bomb for a quick burst.

Phosphorus bomb will reveal invisible units. If there's a teemo in the game, take the time to Phosphorus the center of a grass patch to see if there's a mushroom. It is important to note that Phos. Bomb is not a debuff, its a buff placer over an area. Don't expect to catch a blinking shaco very easily. It is still highly recommended that you buy potions early to counter invis heroes since most are really squishy. Phosphorus bombs can be difficult to hit at a range as well, since early on most heroes will see you coming. Moving up to the creep and attacking from a melee range (this technique can be a double edge sword since you put yourself at risk) will allow you to keep most heroes within the bombs range, causing them to either sit there and hope you don't use it or move mack, giving you the upper hand in the lane mentally at the least. Its important to note, this doesn't always work since some heroes can take your health down really quickly.

Valkyrie is a funny ability because it gives people the sense of awesomeness. I've seen many a Corki fly in to a tower, hoping for a kill only to find themselves killed by said tower. Valkyrie should not be used offensively early on. Saving this ability to leap over a wall, or gain some distance will make you stay alive longer, and gain levels faster. Do not Valkyrie in to fights during early game play. Mid game, its more acceptable since you'll have a decent health pool. Here's a list of heroes you should never Valkyrie to regardless of the current state of the game.

1. Ryze (This hero is sneaky and will typically back away from a fight to kill you)
2. Morgana
3. Tryndamere
4. Soraka
5. Blitzcrank
6. Malphite
7. Rammus (Taunt anyone)

Anyway these are the most dangerous ones. Mid game you can Valkyrie over a group fight, leaving the dmg trail forcing people to either fight in the damage or spread out, which can often hurt a team. This ability is perhaps Corki's best ability since it never falls off in usefulness. Use it wisely.

Playstyle (Attack Power)

1. Be good at conserving mana and corki's abilties
2. Ability to hit all skill shots
3. Use E, paired with auto attacks (profit here)

There's isn't much to this playstyle, since it depends on you using R,W,and Q very well. Once you play ability power Corki, I recommend giving this a shot (just not when you queue with me). This was a longer guide, since I enjoy Corki very much. Have fun and don't let uFish aka Phos ever pick this hero to carry.

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