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PiaS Memes
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In PiaS's long history, there have been a number of memes and recurring jokes. Understanding this history is a key ingredient to being awesome. When possible, we can describe the origin (including originator, if possible) and common usage. So, let's do this.

Chat Shenanigans

Respect Master

Originator: Past / Some dude in a DoTA game after Past complained about him getting all the kills on a non carry called Past's assists "respect"....Went down something like this; Past: dude stop taking all of my kills, you're not a carry.
Dude: dude at least you're getting the respect.
From this came the term RESPECT MASTER
First used: In that DoTA game.
Explination: Having the most respect AKA assists in LoL or DoTA is very important...doing so makes this person the RESPECT MASTER

Joply Tistis

Originator: Ganner
First used: Playing WoW on Azgalor, back in the old PiaS WoW days.
Explanation: Ganner, while attempting to type "holy shit" when he only had a split second to type, his hands were shifted over a half-key on the keyboard, and he really just ended up mashing the keyboard, and "JOPLY TISTIS" is what ended up coming out.


Originator: Virr
First used: Playing Left 4 Dead, attempting to type "Owned you guys",
Explanation: Virr was attempting to type "Owned you guys" and swapped only a few keys, but the result ends up sounding extremely gay. Think "Whoaned you gussy" and try not to laugh.

You are also fat

Originator: Some random faggot in DotA
First used: During a game of DotA, some guy was taunting us and ended his tirade with "you are also fat" as a means to insult us.
Explanation: After the insult, we just kept repeating it over and over again to him, as is typical of when someone says something completely stupid in chat, especially in an attempt to taunt.

I smoked a blunt today can you say the same

Originator: Some random faggot in DotA
First used: Right before the launch of a DotA game, a cool kid said this to show how cool he was
Explanation: I smoked a blunt today. Can you say the same?

"Sucked your dick" / "Showed him what he looks like naked"

Originator: Some bros
First used: Owning noobs in DotA
Explanation: When you're owning noobs it's important to let them know by trash talking. There is nothing more humiliating then having your dick sucked or being shown a picture of what you look like naked. Therefore you have to tell everyone in the game that you sucked (noob x)'s dick or showed (noob x) a picture of himself naked in an effort to publicly embarrass him.

"Made em say l8"
(made 'em say late)
Originator: A guy in DotA
First used: Aforementioned guy kept typing this over and over again as an attempt to trash talk.
Explanation: Nothing about this statement makes sense and yet he kept repeating it throughout the entire game. Camera started saying it all the time as trash talk. He makes them say l8.

"I consider this a win already"

Originator: A douchebag pug in DotA
First used: Said douchebag
Explanation: When playing like a complete noob and feeding, everyone got mad at this douchebag, but he reassured us everything would be alright by saying "I consider this a win already." It wasn't.


Originator: Alacor from PiaS Azgalor
First used: All the time in the game
Explanation: Alacor was really terrible at grammar and of course would spell "Congrats" as "Congrads". He failed in more than this, but this was his big one. He ended his posts with "-GODLIKE"

Vent Shenanigans

Lazy Sunday

Originator: Some bros. Mostly Lamyra and Past.
First used: Taking the time to bro with your bros on Sunday, the day of our Lord, the day of rest.
Explanation: Since the beginning of time, bros set aside time on Sunday to bro out with their bros in ventrilo to play video games and be lazy all day.


Originator: Ivan Kozhulenko
First used: The cold night he first learned to speak in Russia.
Explanation: Gitler is a guy that joined PiaS Azgalor in it's later months. He had a thick russian accent and certain mannerisms and phrases that made him very unique.
  • Saying people's names incorrectly in a broken Russian accent (ie "Lameera" instead of "Lamyra", or "Eez-mahl" for "Ismael")
  • Adding "mayne" (mang) to the end of someone's name
  • Prepending "hummie" (homie) to someone's name (ie "Hummie Lameera")
  • "Rhape Swahrd" (rape sword)
  • "Ride or Die"
  • "How you say, How you say"

Forum Shenanigans

Excessively Nested Quotes

Originators: Karmerr (Ben) and House
First Used: We were trying to break the forums in order to help Chops in case one of the other guilds that subscribe to this amazing website have a problem, he'll know how to fix it before it happens.
Best Usage: By House to tell Maxamos that life must suck as a retard. This has been copy and pasted on numerous posts by numerous people and it is probably the best usage of this since he has not showed his face on the forums in a long time without this being copy and pasted into his post and causing him to retire from posting shortly thereafter.
Explanation: Read this post to see the first usage of "Life must suck as a retard." and what happens after.


Originators: House
First Used: Comparing everyone's love for the movie Avatar to the movie Delgo. See this thread for a better understanding Cool article on James Cameron and Avatar
Best Usage: Posting numerous pictures with Delgo's main character's face paint/photoshopped onto the original picture.
Explanation: Look at this thread for some of the most epic Delgo-isms on PiaS


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