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A Collection of All Hero Abilities
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1. Alistar: The Minotaur Tank
PASSIVE: Deals extra damage to towers
Q = Pulverize (smashes the ground dealing magic dmg and knocks opponents into the air)
W = Headbutt (knocks the target back dealing magic dmg)
E = Triumphant Roar (heals all nearby units instantly)
R = Unbreakable Will (gains bonus dmg, removes debuffs, and takes reduced dmg)

2. Amumu: The Sad Mummy

PASSIVE: Amumu's attacks temporarily reduce the target's magic resist
Q = Bandage Toss (Long ranged hook-pull ability)
W = Despair (%dmg that drains mana)
E = Tantrum (AoE damage, cooldown reduces one second per time you are hit, also decreases damage taken)
R = Curse of the Sad Mummy (AoE Damage spell that stuns for 3 second dealing damage)

3. Anivia: The Cryopheonix

PASSIVE: On death, she becomes an egg and is reborn 6 seconds later (then cannot happen for another while)
Q = Flash Frost (projectile dealing magic dmg upon collision, explodes at the end to deal more magic dmg & stun)
W = Crystallize (summons an ice wall perpendicular to the line between Anivia and target, blocking units)
E = Frostbite (deals magic dmg, double if target is slowed/frozen)
R = Glacial Storm (channels, dealing magic dmg & slowing an area)

4. Annie: Where's My Bear Tibbers?
PASSIVE: Every 5 casts makes the next cast a stun (charges).
Q = Disintegrate (straight damage nuke, returns mana if it gets a last-hit, stuns with passive)
W = Incinerate (AOE dmg cone, can stun with passive)
E = Molten Shield (shields against magic/physical)
R = Summon: Tibbers (summons pet with inital dmg to area, pet does AoE dmg to nearby enemies, stuns with passive)

5. Ashe: The Frost Archer
PASSIVE: Increases crit chance/sec until next attack
Q = Frost Arrow (slows on hit)
w = Frost Volley (volley, AOE cone slows on hit)
E = Plentiful Bounty (gold on creep kill)
R = Ice Arrow? (infinite range nuke arrow stuns for longer the further it travels)

6. Blitzcrank: The Steam Golem
PASSIVE: If reduced below a %, activates a mana shield
Q = Rocket Grab (Pudge-like hook)
w = Overdrive (Increase movespeed/attackspeed, then decreases after duration)
E = Power Fist (Melee knock-up stun, double base dmg)
R = Static Field (AOE dmg around Blitzcrank)

7. Chogath: The Dark Terror (read:Zergling/Ultralisk)
PASSIVE: Upon killing a unit, gains HP and Mana
Q = Rupture (Knock-up stun placed on ground, shown by smoke then BOOM)
w = Feral Scream (Silence + DMG AoE cone)
E = Vorpal Spikes (AOE dmg in line with his attack)
R = Feast (insta kill below X health, succesful feast gives him more HP)

8. Corki: The Pilot
PASSIVE: Deals an extra 10% true damage with his autoattack
Q = Phosphorous Bomb (AOE blind + dmg)
w = Valkyrie (flies to target location & leaves trail of fire for dmg)
E = Gatling Gun (deals % of attack infront of Corki)
R = Missile Barrage (shoots Missiles that stack up to 7 Missiles, gain one every 12 seconds)

9. Dr Mundo: The Mutated Scientist
PASSIVE: Regains some % of HP/sec
Q = Infected Cleaver (deals dmg equal to % of your current life, with a minimum)
w = Burning Agony (deals AOE dmg around Mundo & reduces stun/slow durations, at the cost of life/sec)
E = Masochism (deals extra melee dmg based on % life lost)
R = Sadism (regens % of life over time & speed increase at the initial cost of % life)

10. Evelynn: The Stealth Whore
PASSIVE: Takes reduced damage from creep/towers
Q = Hate Spike (deals magic dmg to nearest enemy - bounces for less dmg)
w = Shadow Walk (stealth, attack out of it stuns)
E = Ravage (deals magic dmg, if from behind = reduced armor/magic resistance of target)
R = Malice and Spite (can activate within 3 minutes of enemy champion death to increase run/attack speed. If she gets a kill with this activated she regains HP)

11. Fiddlesticks: The Scarecrow
PASSIVE: Aura which reduces enemies' magic resistance
Q = Terrify (causes enemy to flee in terror for a few secs)
w = Drain (deals magic dmg & returns life to Fiddle)
E = Dark Wind (deals magic dmg & silences, bouncing between enemies)
R = Crowstorm (does AoE magic dmg in circle around Fiddle, after charging up & flashing to target reticule)

12. Gangplank: The Pirate
PASSIVE: His autoattack poisons, dealing dmg & reducing healing effects
Q = Parrley (deals magic dmg based on Gangplank's attack, can crit)
w = Citrus Faggotry (healths & removes all CC)
E = Raise Morale (kills friendly unit to give run/attack speed increase to surrounding friendly units)
R = Cannon Barrage (deals magic dmg to ANY area of the map, a cannonball hit will slow the enemy)

13. Janna: The Wind Healer
PASSIVE: 3% movespeed increase for all allies
Q = Howling Gale (charges a tornado on ground for more dmg & range, press Q to release, knocks opponents into the air)
w = Zephyr (deals magic dmg & slows target)
E = Eye of the Storm (shield vs dmg)
R = Monsoon (knocks back opponents and heals nearby allies/sec channeled)

14. Jax: The Armsmaster

PASSIVE: Gains extra % of dmg from +attack items
Q = Empower (charges up for melee attack, next hit does AOE dmg)
w = Leap Strike (leap to opponent dealing base + Jax's attack dmg)
E = Counterattack (on dodge, can do an AoE stun around Jax)
R = Relentless Assault (every consecutive attack increases attack speed, every few blows does extra magic dmg)

15. Karthus: The Lich Master
PASSIVE: Can cast through death for about 9 seconds
Q = Lay Waste (magic dmg nuke on ground, explodes a bit later, double dmg if it hits only 1 target)
w = Wall of Pain (puts up a magical wall that slows & reduces magic resist of enemy heroes)
E = Defile (magic dmg AoE around Karthus)
R = Requiem (global magic dmg to enemies, takes a while to finish casting)

16. Kassadin: The Darth Vader
Q = Null Sphere (deals magic dmg & silences)
w = Nether Blade (returns mana to Kassasin through melee attacks)
E = Force Pulse (deals AoE magic cone dmg & slows)
R = Rift Walk (teleports to location & does magic dmg around that area)

17. Katarina: The Naruto Ninja
Q = Bouncing Blade (throws dagger that bounces dealing magic dmg)
w = Killer Insticts (consecutive attack increase attack speed, and activating before blade makes it cause a healing debuff, before shunpo is increases her dodge greatly for 3 seconds)
E = Shunpo (flashes to target unit, if an enemy does magic dmg)
R = Death Lotus (channels in place and deals dmg to surrounding enemies, affected by items)

18. Nassus: The Anubis God
Q = Siphoning Strike (next melee attack does increased damage)
w = Wither (slows the units attack/run speed, increasing the slow % as it ends duration)
E = Spirit Fire (deals AoE magic dmg in an area, also reducing armour)
R = Fury of the Sands (increases Nassus' hp, and steals life of nearby summoners)

19. Nunu: The Yeti Pals
PASSIVE: Autoattack can proc for next spellcast to be free
Q = Consume (deals massive damage to creep & regens health for Nunu)
w = Bloodboil (increases move/attack speed of ally)
E = Iceblast (deals magic dmg & slows)
R = Absolute Zero (charges up and as it finished deals magic dmg based on how long you charged it in an AoE)

20. Rammus: The Armadillo Tank
PASSIVE: % of armor converted to dmg
Q = Powerball (increases movespeed over time & knocks opponent into the air after colliding)
w = Defensive Curl (curls into a ball increasing armor & magic resistance greatly, also cannot Powerball when this is up)
E = Puncturing Taunt (taunts the enemy to attack Rammus and lowers their armor)
R = Tremors (deals magic AoE dmg around Rammus every second, damages towers)

21. Ryze: The Magic-User/Thief
PASSIVE: Deals extra magic dmg when under 40% HP
Q = Overload (deals magic dmg + % of his current mana)
w = Arcane Mastery (increases max mana and toggling causes him to deal magic instead of normal dmg with autoattack)
E = Rune Prison (deals magic dmg & stuns)
R = Spell Flux (deals huge magic dmg that bounces between heroes & himself)

22. Taric: The Gay Healer
Q = Imbue (heals an ally & himself, unless targetted only on himself heals for an extra 40%)
w = Shatter (gives armor aura, and on use deals magic dmg around Taric, reducing enemy armor)
E = Dazzle (deals less magic dmg the further the opponent, but stuns longer)
R = Radiance (healing aura that increases his dmg by 60% and allies by 30%, consumes tons of mana/sec if left on too long)

23. Teemo: The Boyscout
Q = Blinding Dart (blinds the target & deals magic dmg)
w = Move Quick (increases Teemo's movespeed until hit by an enemy)
E = Toxic Darts (causes autoattacks to deal extra poison dmg that doesn't stack, but renews)
R = Mushroom (lays a mushrooms that fades to stealth, and does magic dmg/sec if set off)

24. Tristana: The Cannon-toting Chick
Q = Rapid Fire (increases attack speed)
w = Rocket Jump (launches Tristana to target location dealing magic dmg & slowing)
E = Explosive Shot (causes creep to explode on last-hit, activating on a hero reduces healing receives and does a small amount of dmg/sec)
R = Buster Shot (deals massive magic dmg and knocks the opponent away from you)

25. Tryndamere: The Barbarian King
PASSIVE: Deals more crit dmg on low HP %
Q = Bloodlust (on last-hit increases attack speed and crit chance, activating consumes charges to heal himself)
w = Mocking Shout (slows enemies nearby who's backs are facing him, and reduces their attack damage)
E = Spinning Slash (spins to a location with his sword, dealing magic dmg to enemies in his path)
R = Undying Rage (becomes unkillable for 7 seconds, abilities don't cost health & giving him Bloodlust charges)

26. Twitch: The 'Shark'
Q = Ambush (stealths, after attacking out of stealth increases attack speed for duration that increases the longer he was in stealth)
w = Debilitating Poison (slows any target recently hit by Twitch, removing his passive poison debuff)
E = Expunge (deals magic dmg to any target recently hit by Twitch, see above)
R = Spray and Pray (increases range and causes his attacks to deal damage in a line, going through enemies)

27. Veigar: The Miniature Mage
PASSIVE: Borrows nearby enemies' AP
Q = Baleful Strike (deals magic dmg, and if it last-hits a creep he gains 1 AP, if it last-hits a hero he gains 5 AP)
w = Dark Matter (deals huge magic dmg to target location after delay)
E = Event Horizon (summons ring that stuns around the edges)
R = Primordial Burst (deals massive magic dmg plus a & of target's max mana, if it last-hits it returns mana)

28. Warwick: The Werewolf
PASSIVE: consecutive hits increase his lifesteal %
Q = Hungering Strike (deals magic dmg & returns that as life to Warwick)
w = Hunter's Call (increases all allies attack speed)
E = Blood Scent (senses heroes below 50% in a radius, then gives Warwick increased run speed)
R = Infinite Duress (stuns & swipes a target enemy many times)

29: Zilean: The Clockwork Healer
PASSIVE: 8% increase XP for all allies
Q = Time Bomb (places a bomb on a unit's head that explodes after delay, dealing magic dmg)
w = Rewind (decreases all of his cooldowns when activated by some seconds)
E = Time Warp (increases an allie's run speed, decreases enemie's run speed depending on target)
R = Chrono Shift (revives a target if it is killed with this buff on them)

30. Kayle: The Angelic Warrior
Q = Reckoning (deals magic dmg & slows)
w = Divine Blessing (marginal heal and speed increase to an ally hero)
E = Righteous Fury (causes Kayle to do AOE splash ranged attacks, increasing her base damage by some magic dmg)
R = Intervention (shields an ally rendering them invulnerable)

31: Malphite: The Rock-Solid Tank
PASSIVE: 10% of his health is hardened into his armor, then it breaks & regenerates
Q = Seismic Shard (deals magic dmg & slows, giving him a % of target's move speed)
w = Brutal Strikes (passively gives him a cleave, activation gives him extra % dmg to melee attacks)
E = Ground Slam (deals magic dmg in an AoE around him based off his armor, also reduces attack speeds of enemies)
R = Unstoppable Force (rushes a location & knocks opponents into the air, dealing damage to an area)

32: Master Yi: The Master Hunter
PASSIVE: 12% chance to strike twice
Q = Alpha Strike (teleports to and slashes multiple creep/enemies together, with a chance to do extra dmg to creep)
w = Mediate (channels to restore health)
E = Wuju Style (passively increases attack, activation doubles its effect)
R = Highlander (increases move speed greatly & ignores all slowing effects... getting a kill with this up refreshes all cooldowns)

33: Morgana: The Dead Angel
Q = Dark Binding (throws a sphere at target location, on impact deals magic dmg/sec & immobilizes)
w = Tormented Soil (places AoE on target location dealing magic dmg/sec)
E = Black Shield (protects ally with shield blocking spell effects and some damage)
R = Soul Shackles (deals magic dmg to nearby enemies initially and slows them, holding the shackles to them by staying close leads them to deal extra damage and stun after some delay)

34: Singed: The Mad Alchemist
Q = Poison Trail (deals magic dmg/sec as a poison to enemies initially near Singed)
w = Mega Adhesive (throws AoE glob of goo on the ground slowing opponents)
E = Fling (flings an opponent over his back, dealing magic dmg)
R = Insanity Potion (increases mana/hp regen, attack, attack speed, and movespeed greatly)

35: Sion: The Bone Warrior
Q = Cryptic Gaze (deals magic dmg & stuns)
w = Death's Caress (shields Sion, absording damage. If not dealt enough damage it blows up, dealing AoE magic dmg)
E = Enrage (deals extra damage at the cost of health/swing, increasing max hp on last-hits)
R = Cannibalism (increases his attack speed & lifesteal greatly)

36. Sivir: The Barbarian Queen
Q = Spiral Blade (throws her boomerang in a line, deals magic dmg)
w = Ricochet (her autoattacks bounce, dealing less % dmg per bounce)
E = Spell Shield (blocks a single spell on Sivir)
R = On The Hunt (increases move/attack speed of nearby allies)

37. Soraka: The Goat Healer
PASSIVE: Increases nearby allies magic resistance
Q = Starcall (deals magic dmg to nearby enemies, reducing magic resist)
w = Astral Blessing (increases armor and heals an ally over time)
E = Infuse (restore an ally's mana, or silences an enemy)
R = Wish (healths all allies on the map)

38. Twisted Fate: The Card Master
Q = Wild Cards (deals magic dmg with 3 cards in a cone-like nuke)
w = Pick a Card (imbues his autoattack to deal extra dmg, to slow, or to AoE stun)
E = Gate (teleports to target location on map)
R = Destiny (slows all enemies, revealing their location and reducing Gate's cast time greatly)

39. Shaco: The Stealthed Jester
Q = Deceive (stealths & flashes to target location, dealing a guaranteed crit out of stealth)
w = Jack in the Box (creates a box that stealths, and it confuses & attacks enemies who get too close)
E = Two-Shiv Poison (imbues his autoattacks to slow, activate to deal magic dmg & slow at a range)
R = Hallucinate (creates a replica of himself, if it is killed it blows up dealing magic dmg in an AoE)

40. Heimerdinger: The German Scientist
Q = H-28G Evolution Turret (places a turret that attack nearby enemies)
w = Hextech Micro-Rockets (fires missiles at nearby heroes dealing magic dmg)
E = CH-1 Concussion Grenades (lobs a grenade at target location, dealing magic dmg & stunning if a direct hit. Damages towers)
R = Upgrade!!! (upgrades a current turret & heals it. level 2 turret = increased attack speed & armor-reducing, level 3 = deals damage around target)

Created by: Phos/Michelle Tanner

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